Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kelly in Cali

Saturday morning I met up with my niece Kelly in Long Beach State Uni

and witnessed my very first debate tournament - Kelly and her team crushed it
went down to the beach after the tourney

and caught the sunset over the Queen Mary

Ahimsa for sandwiches
Aunt Jeanne met up with us that evening.
the family chilling late night outside a coffee shop on East 4th
next morning I swooped up Kelly & went north to the MarVista Farmer's MRKT
Becca, Jose, & Jeanne joined us & we caught up for close to two hours

Rebecca on top, Kelly's porcelain on bottom
just hangin the sun before Becca went off to a Super Bowl party & Jose went home to sleep
caught a roller skater heading to the boardwalk in Venice Beach
Kelly really wanted to hit a real beach during her brief stay in SoCal
taking home some shells was top priority - mission accomplished
Jeanne even took off her sandals
the street performers were in full effect - dude jumps over 5 tourists
and with the beach day concluded, I dropped Kelly back at her hotel and headed home to San Diego!


  1. I loved loved loved seeing you guys. Family is everything. xo -Beca

  2. good times for sure... i might be in North Hollywood on Mar1st