Saturday, February 14, 2015

around town

first stop coming back from Long Beach was the encinitas clover - Pat Duffy bs Smith
the Van with No Plan stopped by for a visit
we ate tacos

and jumped on the tramp and skated the ramp
Matt came over for tacos a few days later & did the impossible

another autograph on the wall
Amy arrived at Edgemont with da Petey

Carpet jumps down for a pet

Ken & I chilling on Shirley's bench

after repainting the front room, we both chose 1 board to hang

puzzle completed with Ingrid
this fella was getting around in a cast with very little problem.

trying to raise Klich on the fax machine

Turtle explores the front yard.
went over to Julius pad for a birthday dinner

Meredith made soup & salad AND a divine apple cobbler

with imitation whipped cream......

the McClain sisters were there to celebrate

dinner was fabulous, but getting this pic from my main man Tyler was the best part

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