Saturday, February 14, 2015

art everywhere!

after Agents Provocateurs, I dropped by Kingswell to see some more art (fos)

that evening was their ONE YEAR anniversary party

Clint Peterson had this awesome piece in the window

on the walk back to the van, I saw this epic wheatpaste

then it was over to the LA ART BOOK FAIR - to see a bunch of photos by the Templetons

BA smoking on a toy machine tour

one of Ed's many book covers

old zines - the Contagion zine came shrunk in Toy boards back when I was working at Yeto

and a fancy collab between wife & husband

Rich Jacobs was selling zines and hanging out

excellent advice
newer works

chatting up fans

of course there were some Move zines

instagramming for a mega impromptu signing

I ate my first vegan thin mints - ohhh what memories

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