Friday, February 6, 2015

desert KEN

all I wanted for my birthday was for Ken to join me in a desert adventure

1st stop was Holtville Hot Springs just after dawn

it was cleaning day, so the tubs were slowly filling, so I stayed in the shower

Ken took to the big tub as it slowly filled

this is where I normally would be
soaked at FIVE PALMS where Ken had time to jump into a good book

more time to read in the shade before frisbee practice
Ken preps the fire pit for later

Ken's frisbee skills are solid
took a hike out to a low hill towards the bombing rage to capture the sunset
sparked the fire
the full moon came out
Ken slept in the rough - on the sand - no tent
the coyotes were yipping when we retired for the evening and I was certain that Ken would wake up with a coyote licking his face........ but no... no midnight wildlife incidents

soaked at Holtville before dawn - at dawn we were headed to Salvation
Ken had never heard of Salvation Mountain

interacted with the two Salvation cats most of the morning

they are quite friendly

Ken takes in the scope of the place

inside the museum

took a walk up the yellow brick road
then over to SLAB CITY for a quick.....

then we drove back the 78 through the Anza Borrego desert park and Julian and wound up at POKEZ
hell of a quick trip.

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