Sunday, February 15, 2015

Center's triumph

true to form, Center made me hummus for making my trick last week

it was delicious
he set up a new NOLAN

my neighbor DREW joined us for the session
in the afternoon he almost hit the roof, but came back a few hours later & nailed it


he drew blood during his attempts so he signed his name in BLOOD

Chris Center in BLOOD - a first of it's own kind
Viola shares some of her sister's Iranian pistachios

talk to the hand
Barry & I at the Hillcrest farmer's market / p:sicari
made it over to a lightly attended Craft Night at Messy Jessie's

John brought Chucha to golf

Jim lost a disc

Kenny & Amy make mighty sandwiches

Meredith holds 10lbs of San Diego Soy Dairy's finest

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