Monday, November 10, 2014

on the road

I'm currently traveling this route.
I plan to update this entry once a day until I'm back in Portland and can do full posts. 

It's currently 9:30pm 11-19-14 & I am back in Portland and the trip is over.

Kerry & I are using the hashtag #pdxtoTXtopdx  
so check that out to see other current photos

day #13 soaked at Umpqua - Kerry's first time`!

day #12 stopped in Sacto where Shawn made us chili & cornbread

day #11 drove all night & all day. arrived in LA at 6:30pm

day #10 finally took a swim in the San Marcos River. Outside temp 52, water temp 74!

day #9 ran into a roamer at #kingfest today near Spicewood, TX - Alicia from People's Coop in OB

day #8 a teary goodbye as I put Kerry on a plane bound for Mexico City in San Antonio

day #7 I'm afraid I feel guilty for getting Lorne hurt at our 1st ditch of the day in Austin.

day #6 Mr. Sieben joined us for a skate and kolaches at Capital City Bakery in Austin.

day #5 the legendary Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo

day #4 begins talking TPS reports in Denver

day #3 ate sandwiches at the Silver Seed in Ft. Collins

day #2 I kicked a foot off in Salt Lake City

day #1 farewell hugs with Klich outside Food Fight in Portland

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