Saturday, November 29, 2014

Illya & Denver

1st stop in Boulder was to visit Lindsay, up next was the Mork & Mindy house
skated with Illya at Lafayette park

Kerry learned a new card game with the Kowalchuk clan

Kerry with a cat food sandwich

Illya made fish for the family

talking tech
Illya making up a cot for Kerry

I was the lucky 1st sleeper in the loft

up early for the tree house tour

shralping at Denver park before 7am

love these Office Space murals on Park & Broadway

Beet Box for donuts
Ari and Nate came out for a chat

Kerry, Yoda, & Karen at Beet Box
skated the foundation spot with Ari as the temp plummeted

decent meal at Watercourse
Nooch pow wow

couldn't visit Nooch and not get some Sweet Action!

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