Thursday, November 27, 2014

Elaine's mac & cheese

I believe it was 2 years ago that Elaine had me over for dinner when she made her famous mac & cheese. I was hooked after that meal. This year, we traveled to LA & back, and I did my best to drop hints that she should have me over again, but this time add soy curls...  With the help of my new pal, Laura, it all came to fruition.

Georgia took to me!

She got up in my business!

Penny down below - Georgia up high

the soy curls were soaked and pre baked
before being added to the pasta, broccoli, mushrooms, & cheese, then baked again

scooping it up to serve
Laura made a divine ginger bread topped with homemade caramel sauce
BIG thanks to Elaine and Laura for coming together to make it happen.

a few days prior, I celebrated National Sandwich Day
I doctored up a salvaged Higher Taste power burger with avo, nooch, & follow your heart cheddar

Brian and Emily at Queen of Sheba!

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