Monday, November 3, 2014

halloween preps

approaching the Columbia River

this is the bridge I rode my bike over a few weeks ago

back in OREGON - feels right...
first time seeing Colin wearing the headset

post Launch quarterly meeting tacos with Justin
Klich & I stopped at Burnside to see how preparations were coming along

HE-MAN themed

smoothing out some rough patches

Daniel cleaning out the perch
Red was spearheading the efforts
Ben actually slept on my lap for a while. He's mellowing...

KLICH - we have liftoff - bottle rockets entertain us

Klich made some food... in tees that matter...
Kenny swooped us up to go skating in the rain
drove to DADDY's to be denied

Kenny & Klich play a game of skate under cover

a ghostly visage of Kenny spinning

I was eliminated quite early.
Ben was lounging on my computer this evening

next morning had an avo/banana nori wrap with new friend Marc at People's
stopped in at Cal's Pharmacy before venturing under the bridge
fudge & rocco from 2 years ago - or was it 3? what would I see today?

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