Wednesday, May 29, 2013

my favorite mailbox

my favorite mailbox resides on the same street as ZEP&fam

Meowzers and MamaMan still on house arrest; they took it well.
oatmeal cookie prep

practice wrap before wrap sale
Wichita cats that live where we sold the wrap
ran into MACK ATTACK at Garden Grill

Bianca's college gal pal, CATHY, swung thru town one night

Bianca made a marvelous dinner and we played croquet

the photo I took of MAX on Cathy's camera phone
the photo I took of Max on my camera phone

took a bike ride into town w/ Zep / took a break at the old fallout shelter
it's not in the best shape any longer

the local abandoned train station

riding bikes on state highways is exhilerating
B whips up some chap chye for dinner

Iris likes her first piece of kale

after wrapping Iris so many times, it was time to try Zep

the internet brought us to Pistol Pete's and we weren't disappointed

Brodie heads out for some tractor time

We had high temps a few days before it was time to take Meowzers and MamaMan back to the vet for stitch removal. Their prison - aka the sun room - aka the mud room - gets awfully warm when the temperature gets above 80. I took a gamble and opened the sliding glass door and just left the screen door in place. That night they escaped. Over the course of the next two days I failed miserably to get them in the cat cage for transport to the vet. The day before I was leaving town, I was able to get Meowzers back in the sun room, but MamaMan still eluded me. Early Saturday morning Brodie was successful in getting MamaMan and we got em both in the travel cage and went right to the vet's. An hour later I had the honor of releasing them back into the wild and boy was I relieved as I drove off to Wichita.

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