Thursday, May 30, 2013

chase county / prairyerth

weeks ago I picked up the PrairyErth book from William Least Heat Moon
the book takes an in-depth look at Chase County, KS in the Flint Hills
I took Hwy 177 outside Emporia and took a look for myself

from the South to the North through the Flint Hills

train trestle!
from a scenic viewpoint - we're talking FLINT!
Cottonwood Falls is a main focus. - METH  WATCH program

the historic CHASE COUNTY courthouse

looks like the clock tower is under restoration again

that's what she looked like in 1910

I went in and poked around, and went up these stairs.
turns out the workers were on break and left the ladder up to the roof
so I got a rare look at Main Street and the whole county from on top of the courthouse

this cafe is talked about a lot in the book. looks like it's under new mgmt
the falls on the cottonwood river just north of downtown
they have horseshoe pits right on Main Street, but they look neglected

two miles up the road to the North is sister city STRONG CITY
this recent National Preserve is on the land of the Z-Bar Ranch
gorgeous view out to the west
back out on the slow road

slow rolling hills. some creeks, but mainly pasture lands
At this point I'm out of Chase County, but still in the Flint Hills. This is some protected research area used by KSU
lunch at People's Co-op in Manhattan, KS.

1st HOME stop on the Pony Express in Marysville, KS

quite the statue
and then I was into Nebraska and on to see Steve for a few days.......

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