Wednesday, May 29, 2013

cannon fire

stoked to see this sign

not stoked to see this one
I reached out to my cousin DOUG BAKER last minute as I was approaching Hutchinson. I tried what looked like a land line in his name and left a message.... Five minutes later I got a call back and an invitation to come over and hang out. 

Doug, DAVID, Camo, me, Charlie - it'd been 20+ years since last linking up
 Doug sneakily didn't mention on the phone that his father and younger brother were there for the weekend. As a result I was pleasantly surprised to see so many long lost relatives. Doug mentioned that before I arrived they'd fired his homemade cannon. I immediately asked if we could shoot it again!

it could fire a golf ball, but we opted for a black powder shot

Doug packs grass down the barrel to boost the loudness

Doug lights the fuse and steps back
KA BOOM - see video here
Charlie & Doug react to the blast
GOOD TIMES - thanks for having me over - sucks it took 20 years to link up. 

I got into Wichita, got a salad at LOTUS LEAF, and called Adrian Parcel to see if he could meet up to skate Edgemoor. He was on the other side of town, but motored across town and beat me to the ramp.

Adrian has gotten a ton of tricks back, including the pivot fakie

classic Smith grind
We were hoping that Jeremy was gonna walk over and hang out while we skated. He never showed, so I went to his pad and ended up getting my butt beat in a game of dominos.

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