Sunday, May 26, 2013

back to the BEND

Arrived back to Great Bend to find Beryll on his last leg.

making him as comfortable as possible for his last car ride

you can see the anguish in Bianca's face - Beryll was a good friend

so long Beryll
It was a rough few days, no shortage on crying. I've never had to do the deed myself. Only pet I ever really had was Whiskers and my mom dealt with putting him down one year during college. It sucked when I came home for break, but I'm sure it would have been so much tougher to have to take him in to the vet's myself. So long Beryll.
these two came back from the vet and were on house arrest for 2 weeks after surgery
this is ALEX who runs the office and acts as greeter at the VET

went to work baking the mixes I picked up at Baker Creek. blueberry muffins!
the magic alpaca made an appearance in the front yard

Brodie normally plays croquet with one arm; add a baby and it's no big deal
Zep hits balls to mom. We all were impressed with B's baseball skills
this is Chopper, we met him while volunteering at the humane society

Veteran's Lake would not give back my disc....
turns out there is one Little Free Library in Great Bend

Zep didn't find anything
but I took The Bell Jar in honor of Josh, Aaron, & Grant

the free library is right next to this place!
most banks don't have this sign up in their parking lots

Bianca likes making guac & we all love eating it
early baby wrapping display
prairie dogs - I had no idea Bianca was such a fan
We took all took a little trip to a homestead outside Pratt, KS, to visit some of Bianca's pals.

on the nature walk around the property the kids looked for mice
Joe spotted a badger carcass

this is BOY, he lives at the house in Pratt
Zep, a bull snake, and Teelie - Zep's new wife from Ft. Collins

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