Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Two years ago my TULSA friend Margaret told me about a sweet and sleepy little magical town in southwest Missouri. I couldn't remember the name until Margaret told me again this year.... Eureka Springs. and actually it's in northwest Arkansas. 
Stopped in Siloam Springs, AR, for a springs check

not exactly swimmable, but pretty to view
found some elementary NINJA graffitti
this is the first MINI free library I've seen - law office on the main drag

this statue overlooks the Basin Spring
springs all over town...said to be healing waters
beautifully landscaped
lots of stone cliffs as sources
there is a haunted hotel in town

took in some sites. this is pivot rock
this is pivot rock's bastard stepchild
this is the natural bridge - Arkansas' oldest tourist attraction
farmer's market was a little small this early in the year
love the name of this place....but not vegan friendly
I hiked out to Leatherwood Lake dam


more spillway

spring fed tributary along the trail

shorts, flops, & flowers

out on the trail, over the hills and through the woods

looking out from the south end of the lake towards the dam

Blue Spring is gorgeous - 56degrees year round
turns out 56 degrees is pretty cold

there used to be a mill on the site

this sign explains it

this is the overhang that provided some shelter for the Cherokee
I felt nervous under it

Inspiration Point to the right - Blue Spring is down there

Inspiration point to the left
Trigger Gap swimming hole - this is the old time bridge

the new bridge

old bridge from new bridge

saw some canoes on the King River

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