Thursday, April 18, 2013

first days on the farm

OK. It's not really a working farm... There is a barn, a tractor, a corral, a workshop, a potential chicken coop, and a pasture. My longtime pals Brodie & Bianca moved to this property outside Great Bend, KS, in mid FEB and I thought I could be of some use unpacking and helping out with projects. Plus I love being around them and their son, Zephyr, and their cats. This time around they also have a baby girl named IRIS and I wasn't sure how I was going to take to a newborn. BUT within the first week I started looking at myself as a nanny. Granted that is stretching it a lot.... I never changed a diaper, but I would hold the baby and entertain her in the highchair when BIANCA needed a break or her hands free. Julie brought it to my attention that I could also be considered a "dry nurse", certainly not a "wet nurse".

Zep & Meowzers - the adorable feral cat they inherited
Iris' first farkle match

Max & I had the whole downstairs at night.
I love Bianca's cooking.... she even bakes her own bread

Henry Rollins once described this hummus as SEX IN A BOWL

Zep made pancakes one morning

lots of gorgeous green smoothies
fresh baked cookies for desert

waffles for breakfast

i was only there a few days before the unthinkable happened - SNOW
it's been a long time since I'd seen an icicle

a few days later - more snow
another ritual I'd avoided for many years

but it wasn't too long before we had the sunroof open
both dogs love to lick the baby; Iris doesn't mind

Zephyr was losing teeth right & left
Alf is upstairs only so we didn't hang all that much.

Max & I spent a lot of time together

Meowzers has some challenges to overcome, but sure is adorable

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