Tuesday, April 23, 2013

on the "farm"

smash potatoes - a pintrest find
neatloaf presented with a ring of smash potatoes
it didn't take long to coax Brodie into making a pie

this first one was cherry

making tortillas on the skillet
they were the cornerstone for our tacos

baby Iris loves the washer - can you say mesmerized?
lounging on the kitchen floor

Max takes up residence on the changing table

Meowzers is always close at hand when we come outside.
Brodie's mom, Karen, came for Easter. Max on her back!
Max on my back!

Max on Brodie's back.
Brodie and his crust
two pies for EASTER - cherry & strawberry rhubarb
outside for the easter egg hunt

Zep and his easter shirt & bow tie
and the pie gets cut while the baby is held

Brodie holding laser eyers
Bianca's RAW lemon raspberry cheesecake

I thought it was clever to see the NEW OZ movie while in KS
3D glasses aren't as goofy these days.
Bianca did her Mac & Cheese & Peas one night

homemade rolls for SLOPPIE JOES!

Brodie redid the electronics one night... he was up LATE.
do you see Meowzers mom in the background? this used to be as close as she'd come
but then one day during walking meditation

mama cat came close and meowed

I'm petting her and then she's rolling around on the ground

Mama leads back down the driveway
It felt really good to gain MAMA's trust. She won't always let me get near, but if she's around when I do my walking meditation, she'll follow me and let me pet her out by the road.

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