Tuesday, April 23, 2013

final farm days

Indian night was out of this world!

Zep learns the ways of the tractor
Brodie sites in Zep's new pellet gun. target shooting only
avo/pineapple spread on homemade bread

Zep's choco cookie cake

lick the baby
I learned a new game - SKIPbo

no curbside recycling - made a trip to the local recycling center

tofu fried tofu night with smash potatoes

Zep tries out BERTHA - otherside of the muzzle reads BIG BERT
was stoked to find a keen 18 hole course

got a solo game in early one morning
brought ZEP out for a game on a windy day
this ditch is near hole 14
Bianca asked for the Lancaster County Farkel and I gave it to her

Iris and her kale

my best shot of MAX to date
got out to Cheyenne Bottoms
Zep & I on the observation deck that looks out on Cheyenne Bottoms

took a walk on the nature trail
drove around Wilson Lake and saw this dreaded sign

we saw some two turkeys near the end of our loop
watched Genetic Roulette the night before I shoved off to Wichita
Many thanks go out to Brodie and Bianca for always welcoming me into their home. I always hope I leave it brighter than the way I found it. I could be back before you know it.

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  1. This actually makes me want to visit Kansas! Never thought I would say that.