Tuesday, April 23, 2013

trips to the BIG city

On Thursdays we drive to Wichita for the day. Zephyr has bowling and gymnastics and it serves as a time to visit friends and go to the health food stores. I take the car or borrow a car and strike out on my own for a few hours when possible.
the staff @ Garden Grill sings Happy Birthday to Bianca in French

Garden Grill makes a fine mac & cheese
saw Julie @ the Candle where she offered up her wheels

Kale salad from Lotus Leaf.  no pea dip this time
stopped in at the Farkle factory and picked up a few units

did some reading in College Hill park
had a blast bike riding with Schane & Mila
 best part was riding Schane's bike and being able to jump and kick out
the Friday artwalk gets abbreviated
gagoosh got right in my lap!
ate a calzone at Garden Grill and grabbed take out for B & Z
One Thursday, Bianca was ill so Zep and I rolled into town all on our own!

had to stop and photograph PEACE CREEK
farkle over a soda @ the Donut Whole
parked the HONDA in its former spot and walked to BS for lunch w/ Will
I didn't know that Kansas Day is Jan 20th.

no SCHOOL lunch for Zep & I - we dined @ Delish Deli

popped in KMC to spy on Patrick's play practice and saw Kelly on the track

Zep and Makan
Ernie at the Fitzhum residence

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