Monday, March 25, 2013

dodge city

from Miami, AZ to Moscow, KS. world traveling

and then there was SATANta, KS.

the legendary Hospital Ditch appears to not have been skated in decades
could not find a curb to do a blunt could use a sweep too.

Aidan and the special bowl of grilled veggies
noah and the wii
noah, alison, & aidan - prepping the easter egg decorating

it had been a while since I colored an egg....
there is a 9 hole course across the street from Aunt Mary's!
Mary made me a special batch of fried okra for lunch. step 1
just a sprinkle of flour and fried in veggie oil. step 2

served with homemade salsa = delicious. step 3
had to do a Boot Hill drive by

always think of this SCENE in VACATION
passed by several wind farms on the way to Great Bend

the best part of the lesser roads....roadside picnic tables!

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