Thursday, April 25, 2013

V-Day Wichita

Before I left San Diego, my friend Schane had invited me to an event in APRIL called "V-Day Wichita : A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, A Prayer" This made me confused, because I narrowly thought that all V-Day events had to be on Valentine's day. On 2-14-13 I attended a V-Day rally in San Diego. From my experience I assumed this event was a once a year sort of thing. But upon further investigation, I see that when V-day events happen is irrelevant. What's important is to gather people and raise awareness and demand the end to violence against women.

Schane & Mark - cohosts

Schane & Stacy - cohosts

before showtime, Schane was taking photos

Schane photos Stacy while I photo them both
fantastic performances from a broad range of actors - wichita community theatre
project creator Eve Ensler TED TALK #1

Schane shot a sneaky one of us during the performance
 As the performance let out, it was softly snowing. Schane agreed to walk with me in the snow so that I could show her something I discovered earlier in the day.  I was curious if she already knew about them; she hadn't and was psyched on the idea. What idea - that of the Little Free Library. Who would have guessed there was one 3 blocks from the Wichita Community Theatre. I feel like her frontyard would make for a great new location.
a daylight view of the  LITTLE LIBRARY in College Hill
 The next day was the final performance of V-day and I was on the fence about wanting to invite my niece, Kelly, to the last performance. The issues voiced in the performance are very sobering and heavy topics. I was nervous and unsure of myself. Should I be the person to expose Kelly to such things. I decided that I had to try to so I asked if she'd like to go. I wasn't sure if she was free from homework or would have the interest. I was pleasantly surprised to get her text reply
"Sounds good:) I'm in !"
the sun was out, so I did some boarding over to Riverside

where another Little Free Library is located!

and inside, I found a book I've been needing to finish!
I picked Kelly up early and we made the walk down Fountain to the Little Library

When I asked Kelly if I could photograph her, she turneed the tables on me and said, "HOW ABOUT I TAKE A PHOTO of you?" In the end, I think Kelly had a positive experience. I sure did. Each of the three nights of the performance featured different readers. Plus some of the readings were different each night. So I do recommend attending more than one night if you can.
Want to get involved?

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