Friday, April 20, 2012

the FORT's skateparks....

One of the most significant reasons I ended up going to school at CSU was because of an indoor skatepark called FORT SKATE....... I just did a search and found no vid clips or photos... but it had a vert ramp, a wooden bowl with PVC coping, a fun mini ramp, and small street course. I asked around and a few pics were sent over. The park lasted during my freshman year 90/91. After I came back from summer vacation in 91, it was closed.
early construction - p:borrowed from Kurt Olesik FB by A Wiess
John Boyd worked at the park... We later shared an APT my Junior year.
Matt Swanson smithing where I spent a lot of my time. p:boyd
Another park wouldn't open til the LATE 90's. Here it is in 2011 and the town has 4 public skateparks all offering something a little different....

1st to open is EDORA.
Some of the fellas from SeanKelly's wedding were out bailing the big bowl at Edora..
After my early morning game of golf, I set to skating.
Zac Powell works with Sean at GRINDLINE SKATEPARKs. Adam Marshall has lines for days in the bowl.

Northside aka the DIY park - back bowls section

Northside - street
The STREET PLAZA park at Fossil Creek way on the south end of town...This was my first time ever figuring out how to get there.
Fossil Creek offers lots to the transitionally challenged.

I enjoy a nice ledge but most are too tall for my old bones.
TheSPRING CANYON skatepark is the newest to the area... phase 1 had the bowl and the few street elements. Phase 2 has the door way and qp section.. 303 MONTAGE of some of the parks...
the doorway is challenging and the POOL is ridiculously HARD

 The Skateboar Market, aka MRKT, has been holding down in the FORT since just after I left town in 94. There is a lot of history on the walls and ceiling at the shop. Marcus and Andy were the OG partners. Then Andy ran it solo and more recently passed the torch so he can concentrate on his nonprofit - LAUNCH.

the MRKT's well stocked DVD case
 It's hard for me to talk about skating in FT COLLINS without thinking about JOHN DOE ZINE and Rich the creator....22 years deep of chaos, fun, and b/w zines... Footage from the most recent anniversay party.
From the road I couldn't tell if it was wet.. looked fun but I was foiled.

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