Thursday, April 26, 2012

the many faces of DENVER

Do you recall me mentioning a darling couple from Denver that I met at Valley View? Ed and Martha Woodsden....??  They invited me over and suggested we go out for lunch at WATERCOURSE! I rode Rori's bike a couple miles and found their house. We hung for a bit on the porch then took off for the restaurant. Good choice, Ed!
waitress cam = bad lighting

my meal was delicious...reminds me of a KLICH meal
I love the way Ed wears his glasses. I do the same thing when I'm driving
After the fabulous meal and conversation we hung out some more at their place. They have an epic cat that I really wish I could have photographed.. I'm after Martha to send me a pic that I can place here in retrospect.
Tom McCracken met me at the ice cream store, but just chatted. A stronger man than I.
 After I left the Woodsdens, I rode the bike to SWEET ACTION to meet a relative of the one and only  Meredith McCracken. She found Tom online last year and hasn't met him face to face yet. I met him first !
The main draw for me is the CookieWICH, This visit they had 3 flavors !
The freebox made an well as HK on this fine day.
 When I'm in the downtown Denver area, I usually stay near RORI & Jake's pad. Twas the case this time around. Rori works a lot these days but we got into a handful of adventures during her off hours.
fireside....kick back.
We all walked over to the GAY PRIDE parade. Piper approves.
late night themed bicycle ride through downtown

LG and I are ole college chums. Dinner at City O City!
LG came out for the tws premiere.  I hung out at her house too, but failed to photograph her puppy.

Jason from CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE operates the Yellow Feather Cafe now. They do a skate movie night and serve vegan donuts from Beet Box

I made dinner for the Peter's Clan out behind the hogback.

on my way to see Aaron Crouse in UTAH, I stopped in Steamboat Springs......
I had lunch with Gerry Nelson...a family friend who once sewed my sister's finger back on.
Gerry suggested I go scope of Fish Creek falls.  FEELTHE POWER

I love unusual old signs like this
Strawberry Hot Springs is one of my FAVS. This is the view coming in.
I found a little shade down on the far end.

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  1. Looks like a really great trip Kev! you hit some beautiful spots!