Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back to Boulder

From the Fort I rambled back to Boulder to hang with LZ. We had a ball taking over the streets for some frisbee action. Farkle was played as well.
Check out that technique
I can't recall who was victorious...
was that a 1500 point roll... does it matter?
Rich Johnson of John Doe zine was scouting spots for his king of the road episode and we connected for lunch at VG.
Rich was a good sport about his vegan lunch.
I was able to eat at LEAF two more times. I can't recall what these two dishes were but they were GOOD.
rode my bike up BOULDER CANYON

took a hobo bath in BOULDER CREEK

toured the gorgeous grounds of a ZEN sactuary

viewed adventurous souls rope swing into Boulder Creek

                       Final night in BOULDER I saw a screening of I AM in a sold out theater.
would have loved to stay for the FOUND FOOTAGE FEst

a packed house of in tune people! 

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