Thursday, April 26, 2012

Backyard Paradise

I came to COLORADO with two spots in mind that I had to skate. I wasn't leaving the state without skating them. Jerry Hahn had been collecting ramps for years. Two years ago it all came together. He made the MOUNTAINS of TRANNY dvd years ago and I used to buy SLIP SKIN rails from him. I'd worked with him for years, but I'd never met him face to face. I put in the call and got the invite and the session ended up being a rip roarer!
Greasy lays it back at Jerry's.
 I started seeing photos in 2010 and took quick notice of the hip transfer possibilities. Once there I quickly realized they were out of my reach...  JERRY did it backside....
Ramp owner Jerry Hahn blazes a nosegrind.
SE Denver backyard paradise
TIM took a few turns with me, but for the most part it was just me.
Big thanks to Rob Hoovis for putting me in touch with TIM and his wonderland. I am so thankful that the Mott's were able to oblige me!

                             and now for a few shots of some other parks I hit in Colorado..........
I'd never been to the massive Colorado Springs park
Big bowl at Steamboat
 Steamboat Springs has a new skatepark that is dreamy. A bowl of all levels and street area with fun, small elements.
Frontside pivot on one of the small elements.
Kremmling is on the way to Steamboat

Roxborough was wet, but I got 1 trick as it dried.

Winter Park at dawn was chilling but FUN!!!!

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