Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few Days in the FORT>

I had some flexibility in when I could venture up to Ft.Collins for a few days. I chose to go the weekend that Sean Kelly was getting married. It turned out to be the only day that I could catch Andy Wiess still in town.
At this point, Sean had only been married for less than 1 hour.
The wedding was so relaxing and unpretentious. It was held on an organic farm on the outskirts of town. The weather was gorgeous and the music was spot on.
I found a seat next to ANDY and his wife as dusk fell.
Who knows if I'll ever get married, but I did store away a few ideas from Sean's wedding.... Especially the mobile pizza oven operation they used to cater the dinner.
basil, spinach, onion, & garlic before the oven
coming out of the oven
River levels were TOO high to swim in the POUDRE.
Mel & Marcus enjoyed the FREE BOX
I had a nice sit down with Melissa and Marcus at their crib and met their two kids. I think I met Jackson when he was in diapers, but now he's almost out of high school. We rehashed old skate stories from my time at CSU. Sure we talked about Rich Johnson and the time that Rich and Marcus lived in OMAHA. Good laughs and stimilated memories. It was amazing remembering how much I loved skating the TJ MAX shopping center after hours with Jack and Monty and whoever else was around.....

It encourages me to see a restaurant that stands for something
Tasty Harmony is my favorite eatery in the FORT as of the past few years since Heidi and I discovered it. I had the pleasure of getting a few meals there.
Been craving taco for months, so I tried the tempeh tacos. just ok.
down home and Southern...I ate this plate for Klich.
YUM YUM's is the first place I ever consumed a falafel sandwich, and because of that I hold it close to my heart. Anytime I'm in the Fort, I get at least one falafel. I remember the owner being pretty old when I first started going there in the early 90's. This trip, I rolled up and barely recognized the place. It's gotten a facade face lift and they expanded into the adjacent storefront. The falafel business is going good. And the old man was nowhere to be seen, but his daughter is now the face of the business and we got to catch up. She thought she remembered me from when she was a youngster hanging out at the restaurant....
Falafel from YUM YUM's - the pic doesn't do it justice
My last evening in town, I was passing time at THE BEAN CYCLE. Most of you know my disdain for coffee, BUt I love this place because there is so much more going on there besides hot beverages. It shares space with MATTER bookstore. They prominently display at the front of their space a COMMUNITY wall that showcases local struggles and activities. I found a zine for a local organization called HAMMER TIME. This group facilitates a tool sharing project, a FREE STORE, info shares, and a garden among other things. They had limited hours and on this SUNDAY in question it was slated to be closed.. But I rode my bike out there and found a few members hanging out and they showed me around..  Super cool and right up my alley... Wish that would have been in existence when I was living in the FORT>

The Community WALL at the Bean Cycle - so informative
The sign on the building - HAMMER TIME!
A massive community garden on the property
The tool Co-op and FREE STORE share the same space.
fort collins skateparks in the next installment.....

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