Friday, December 7, 2012

greater LA

stumbled onto a field trip at South Bay Skates
popped in on Mikendo at Dwindle
skated their mini ramp for a sec... it was weird having Bod Boyle in the conference room overlooking my session

roadside america dialed me into the DONUT

STUFF I EAT in Inglewood was a great find

encilada pie platter - STUFF I EAT
gorgeous old theater on the market in Inglewood

was hoping to see some buds at Belvedere
Vern was one a tear at Stoner - slappie feeble on the taco

casual frontside slider for Vern

Vern & I mug it up at Stoner Plaza
I felt honored to have VERN film my rock
the image of the cal tranz skates sign is burned in my memory

caught CHASING ICE on it's last day in the theater
the Nuart promotes other independent business in the area!
see it if you have a chance.

asian noodle salad at one of three VEGAN JOINTS
bike art in Mar Vista

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