Saturday, December 8, 2012

Los Angeles

the DELAMINATED swap meet showcased boards from the early days

held a great space on Lincoln & Venice

the Kavanaugh sisters joined me
so much rich and colorful history
I read a canoeing story from 1957 in between looking at copers

pretty solid coper selection, but i didn't see any for tracker ultralites
Maria lives close by so we walked over to visit....

Dennis is a handsome cat!

van self portrait
pretty sure I saw Johnny Depp dressed up as capt Jack outside MANN

had to check out the new RED DAWN. Mike V got them guns

turned out I was close to Cruzer and they have GF crust
so refreshing to see when you walk into an establishment!

10" gluten free pesto pizza from CRUZERs
this guy made me proud on HOllyWOOD blvd... getting honks!

Spread LOVE and Celebrate Peace on the flipside

Currently really jazzed on older single screen movie theaters!
HOSOI book signing - super psyched on this collab graphic !

Salman and Christian
it was packed - spilling out on to the sidewalk
my first time seeing RAY BARBEE perform
 and Paulo Diaz was playing a flute on some of the tunes. i missed seeing Tommy, Stevie, and Lance.... oh well... RAY was worth it!!

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