Friday, December 14, 2012

north county

i really wish i didn't have to see these everytime i drive in from the NORTH
i was hoping that DAVE B was going to make me lunch

grab a few condiments
taco salad - awesome

we skated a little
Dave transfers his spine

slappie basks in the sun
skated briefly with Kristian - check this
spent the evening at AURA

this was the biggest spine i'd skated in a long while

Jim and I shared two pomegranates

turns out the 50-50 to fakie is Jim's favorite move
saw the marquee for the evening's entertainment
I didn't think I'd see JP at Peace Pies, but it was meant to be

Shanais met me for a Presidential Salad

Wendy's suggestion to meet at the Encinitas library was terrific
spot check - cardiff post office

sunset over swami's

not as large a crowd as I would have imagined
Danny didn't do a Q & A, but did sign some autographs
met up with John, Mike, and Joe after the movie
Mike with art curator for the night, Rob Welsh

got a sneak peak of the new KOTR that'll be out in the mag in a few weeks!

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