Wednesday, December 19, 2012

saturday in SD

first stop back in SD - wsvt for a front rock - 7:30am
got a free persimmon at the Little Italy Farmer's Market

stocked up for the day at PEACE PIES

ate my first cherimoya of the season at ROUTE

got another front rock at the bank to curb
over at City Heights farmers mkt, IRC sponsored free fam portraits!
saw KEN at Bikes del Pueblo
the annual peace bazaar was up next
walk the walk! loads of quality gift ideas

allen and mariah - two of my favorite activists!
it filled up the mid city gym
terrific tees on hand...
the women's OCCUPY choir sang a few tunes
Paige was showing Kristin from will travel for vegan food around

i lent a hand to ARI for his annual holiday event at Memo
the kids got right down to making holiday cards

Kriegel's was gorgeous!

gabe backside boneless!

 caught up with the fellas!
sunset at MEMORIAL

 met Gabe & Tom at Lafayette for FARKEL
the pool at Lafayette
VEGAN feast with Josh and Keith

saw, margaret nee, and chris our host

only a portion of the 12 course feast - INDIAN theme
ended the day at the EDGEMONT holiday block party

was most tickled to see KEN again!

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