Wednesday, June 1, 2011

near death experience - AUSTIN

As some of you know my longtime pal, avs, is traveling the nation at the same time as I. We have yet to cross paths. We had hoped to see each other somewhere in the backwoods of New Mexico or perhaps in Austin, but since I left San Diego two weeks late, that never happened. His blogs from Austin got me psyched for the good food and good times to come. He specifically recommended Mr. Natural's who has several locations in Austin.

It had been a long drive from El Paso and although I had eaten in San Antonio, my stomach was a rumbling from skating the San Marcos and Lockhart skateparks. It was getting late and I was struggling to figure out a vegan spot that would still be open and was on the south end of town.  MR NATURAL's came up and that's where I headed.
BBQ and rolled taco's @ Mr. Natural's.
I couldn't decide what to get and was a little disappointed with the options on the menu. Nonetheless I got two platters and sat down to eat and work on the computer. I'd ordered tacos and they came out as fried rolled tacos. Within five minutes of inhaling my food, a chunk of the tortilla from a rolled taco had flown down the wrong pipe. I ran outside hoping to cough it up and made little progress as I proceeded to choke to death. I could get it a little way up so I could breath, but every time I tried to swallow, it would get stuck again. One of the clerks came to check on me and finally brought out the owner, MR NATURAL, himself. They got me water and a banana. Still I couldn't dislodge it and I got more panicked by the minute. I mentioned he should try the heimlich maneuver on me, and he gave it a go, but to no avail. He only managed to bruise my ribs in the process. Finally after hacking and coughing up all sorts of grossness, I ejected the culprit and MR. Natural, was so relieved as was I.  He kept checking on me and I had to finish my meal in a rush as the restaurant was now closing. Over the course of my adult life, this is the 3rd time my dinner has tried to kill me. You'd think I would have learned the LESSON. But sometimes it takes me a few rough experiences until I REALLY GET THE LESSON. Let's hope I've truly learned this one....

Even though I nearly died, I am psyched that Mr. Natural manhandled me so severely that he bruised my rib. Makes for a good story, right?


  1. CHEW YOUR FOOD! That is all I have to say to you my friend.

  2. we're going to have to put you on a liquid diet Mamma Cass

  3. i tend to blend my rolled tacos before ingesting them

  4. Holy crap! Try cutting your food into tiny pieces. You don't want to go out like that!

  5. Glad you're ok. Eating meditation at deer park comes to mind.

  6. I'm glad you're ok kevin. That's a scary story... Do you still like chips?