Friday, June 10, 2011

the skate spots - Austin

My first day skating in Austin had me tagging along with Michael Sieben and his ROGER bunch as they filmed at the local ditches for a new segment on the berrics called TRAJECTORY. Not sure when the ROGER episode will air, but the one for VOYAGE skateboards is up now filmed by Chris Mulhern. I think that link will get you to episode ONE. You might have to search for voyage to find the 2nd episode.

I met up with the crew near the train tracks where 3 ditch spots are located in south Austin.
They were filming on a bank to wall that was pretty squirrelly. 

Ryan Holloway mighty fs wallride
Michael and I took off to the airport to pick up team co-captain, Stacy Lowery, who wasted no time getting busy in the 2nd part of the ditch complex.
Stacy - nosepick
Michael applies sunscreen while his friend BRANDON watches.
Then we took it down the line to one of the more FAMOUS ditches in Austin called 'five hips'. If you count carefully you will find five hips. Omar Salazar in Mindfield. Al Partenan had a sick pivot to fakie photo...
world famous FIVE HIPS ditch
Ryan Holloway got a banger and then it was off to.....

LEGO LAND...the current DIY spot
This is where I left the fellas to film and get busy... I had a date with.............
Surfer ditch....
Surfer ditch was right up my alley.... Wide open, lots of entry points and curbs everywhere. And it was maintained meticulously by the locals.. No graffiti and not a piece of trash in sight!

A few days later I found my way back to one of my all time favorite ditches... Psycho Ditch. Marcus, Burnett, Sessions, Than, and I skated it on a TEXAS road trip back in the early 90's. It was a blast then and it's still a blast.... Funny how the most basic of tricks can be so overwhelmingly fun.
Psycho DITCH
When I first rolled up there was a group of older fellas blazing around the ditch. They bailed pretty quick, but offered an invite to ride a concrete mini ramp in Patterson Park...
Concrete mini ramp - Patterson Park
The fellas were all there when I arrived at Patterson Park. The fella in this pic doing the foot plant informed me that the metal coping on the ramp, once was attached to the infamous Hurricane Ramp at the Skatepark of Houston. That bit of trivia made my day!

That's the extent of the skateboarding that I got up to in Austin. BOTTOM LINE, I should have ridden more ditches....

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