Thursday, June 2, 2011

the swimming holes - AUSTIN

BARTON SPRINGS has a diving board!
Barton Springs is centrally located in the city and is most FAMOUS. Free after 9pm  - all I need is less than an hour to jump off the diving board and clean up.  Lots of peeps swimming laps. I only went at night... I'm sure you get a broader range of people during the day

the long view at Barton Springs

Other people talked about DEEP EDDY, another natural cold spring. I'd heard it was mainly little kids and geriatrics, but decided to check it out one afternoon.
Deep Eddy - no diving allowed
Pee in the pool, most likely. I fell asleep in the shaded area.

Then outside of town were two more spots not to be missed.

Hamilton Pool - home of the Predator
Texas is in a drought and normally Hamilton pool has a good sized waterfall dumping into it, but when I was there it was only a trickle. It was still super cool to swim here. Turns out some of the exteriors on the latest Predator movie with Adrien Brody were filmed here.
the trickle of a waterfall at Hamilton
another view from Hamilton.
I got to Hamilton right when it opened. 1st to arrive, 1st to leave.... I wanted to have plenty of time at Krause Springs.
the pool at Krause is fed by the springs
The grounds at Krause were breathtaking. The swimming pool was gorgeous, but I went straight to the rope swing.
the rope swing at KRAUSE
I didn't perfect my backflop here. It helps to have a buddy along to egg you on. Rope swinging solo is rough.

the rocks along the edge are SLICK
BE FOREWARNED... the rocks approaching the water at KRAUSE are slick.. I ate it and slammed on my bottom. lesson learned. I contemplated sleeping over in the camping area, but bailed back to Austin that night.

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