Saturday, June 11, 2011

the people - AUSTIN

not the best pic, but this gal was the first to approach me about the BOX
Like I mentioned in an early post, I spent a good deal of time in Austin @ Wheatsville co-op. Sitting outside with the FREE BOX was a keen way to interact with the Austin locals.
these two took the Business up front, Party out back VHS - can't recall names...
Katie (on the left) was from Dallas..

Katie, who I met out front of Wheatsville with her two buddies, intrigued me. So much so, that I commented to her, "You are the sort of gal that I would love to take out on a date if I lived here." To which her friends were quick to respond, "Well, you are going to Dallas next, right?"  And so the light bulb went on.... I am going to DALLAS and that IS where Katie lives.... She offered up her digits and told me to call her when I was in Dallas.

Also met some dogs... Elwood is an epic bloodhound
One of the things I loved about Austin were all the funky neon signs.... I particularly enjoyed this one...
I'd love to get my auto worked on here!
Ed Templeton  - self portrait
Ed and Deanna Templeton had a dual photography showing at a local book store. I squeezed in on the last day that it was up... Stoked!  I'm a huge fan of Ed's work. He and his wife, Deanna, have been vegan for decades and are guiding lights in the skateboard and art circles for plight of the animals. For those of you who don't know, Ed, runs my favorite skateboard company, TOY MACHINE!
One of Ed's installation or was this one Deanna's?
deanna and ed's work - interspersed
Julie gets a good shot in the grotto
One my last day in town, my long time friend, Julie O'Conner, took me out to Westcave Preserve. Turns out it was just a little bit past Hamilton Pool. We took a guided tour and glimpsed into the past. Epic overhang in the grotto and lots of stalagtites in the cave.
Julie shoots the drinking straws that dangle from the ceiling.
It was tough to leave Austin. I feel like I left many activities undone. I was glad that I did manage to play my first round of DISC GOLF in Austin. It was refreshing to be able to jog to the course from my VAN LIFE spot at Barton Springs. I ran the 9 hole course then ran back and swam in the SPRINGS. Austin gets an A on my score sheet. I would consider moving here if the conditions were right....Try it out for a year or so...

next up... DALLAS!

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