Sunday, May 29, 2011

looks like a ditch, skates like a skatepark

NEW MEXICO - landed of the enchanted ditches!
 I don't know if I'd ever really dreamt about the ditches in Las Cruces, but I have been hearing about them since the mid 80's. Thrasher seemed to always be hyping the city up, talking about this DITCH JAM or that one. Back in 1993 Mike, Marcus, Sessions, Than, and I took a road trip to Texas and the theme of the trip boiled down to COW BOWLS also known as ditches. Being in Las Cruces and thankfully finding these OG ditches, had me thinking back to that TEXAS road trip in the mid 90's.  As I was exploring more parts of this ditch, a 35 year old skater parked in the dirt and joined me for a quick session. He laid out a bit of the history of the spot.
This spills down to a huge SAND LOT that could be dug out!
Opening spread from the THRASHER tour article! p:burnett

Rhino helped me out with directions to a spot I'd seen on the thrasher site in an INDY clip late last year.  Then more recently Mike Burnett went through with TOY and it's featured in the SUBHUMANS clip on the thrasher site. Check time code 7:00 to 7:22 to see the toy machine team tear up what I found is called the EDGEMONT ditch. The city built the spillway with the intention of having it be a skatepark as well. It's technically in Santa Theresa, NM, but essentially in El Paso.
too bad it was sooooo WINDY. she's a beauty. bring a broom.
Josh sweeps the steepest pocket. p:burnett
they grow some of their own food out front.
The drive from El Paso to San Antonio was my longest drive to date, about 7 hours. After such a long and grueling drive, I went straight to the GREEN.
Veggie Enchilada plate with Daiya
Too much Daiya puts me in a dark place..... so I had to order something else. And I DID overeat!
quinoa, kale, and beans from the GREEN

the ALAMO - love you OZZY
The San Antonio River Walk was cool to finally see in person!

San Marcos Skatepark
The good fellas at Goodtimes Skateboards  told me about this new park in San Marcos. And I'd seen a sick photo of Nolan Johnson at the Lockhart park so I stopped by there to see for myself.
Lockhart, TX skatepark is sick!
next stop - AUSTIN!

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  1. No pics of the Free Box on this post? Did it even come out? Looking forward to our paths crossing in Nebraska!