Sunday, June 5, 2011

the eats - Austin

So after I got Mr. Natural's out of the way, I got down to eating slower at many different spots. My long lost San Diego pal, Dayn Reardon, was out of town on tour while I was there, BUT, he gave me a top three list.

blueberry corncakes at BOULDIN Creek cafe
Dayn suggested breakfast at Bouldin Creek Cafe where I got their version of blueberry pancakes with their tofu scramble. It all tasted delightful, but was a little let down in the portion size. Lovely wait staff as well.

The Vegan Yacht
Dayn talked up the FREETO BURRITO at the Vegan Yacht. Like Portland, Austin has a huge food cart scene. The YACHT is near the UT campus and from what I understand keeps sketchy hours, but just follow them on facebook to see when they are open. I was psyched to experience the whole spectacle. The burrito is the combo of a frito pie and a burrito. fritos, chili and vegan cheese!!
the freeto burrito
Casa de Luz - macrobiotic dietary habits!
Dayn suggested the breakfast buffet at CASA DE LUZ and I did hit that, but this photo is from a dinner I shared with Julie O. The sweet potato soup was out of this world. This is the spot I would frequent more often if I had more days in Austin. All organic. simple and delicious. serene setting!

wheatsville is the main natural food co op in AUSTIN
I spent alot of time on the computer and meeting peeps with the FREE BOX in their outdoor seating area. Their deli was expansive, but does serve meat... Oh how I miss the OB People's CO OP!!!

Saturday morning farmer's market
Lots of options at the Austin Farmer's Market. Bread, muffins, and tamales...good stuff.

Counter Culture - all vegan north part of town
Counter Culture was cool. Wish I would have been able to get up there sooner. Rapped out with the skateboarder working there. And there was a skate shop across the street that I hadn't heard of either...

That's all I managed to capture in photos! Overall I was truly impressed with the Austin vegan scene@! I spent a week there and it wasn't long enough to sample all that Austin has to offer.!

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  1. That all looks so good! Did you know Casa de Luz is opening a spot in SD? At the old Salvation Army space on University near Ranchos!