Sunday, May 31, 2015

towards Texas

saw Suski & he suggested I check out the bike path volcano
pit stop at the Silver City skatepark
checked out the Faywood Hot Springs for my 1st time

naked pipe people at Faywood
sweet sunset from the hilltop at Faywood
food stop at the coop in Las Cruces
had to do some drying but I got a few tricks at my favorite ditch

Edgemont ditch - border of NM&TX
Kris Markovich piece at Crooks in El Paso.

met Emma at the library and we explored Marfa, TX
lots of art in Marfa - Emma was convinced that was fake water

Marmalaide - the house cat at El Cosmico
I left Emma at El Cosmico & went out to the official Marfa Lights Viewing Area

more than a rest stop - you can see unexplained lights at this one

soon after sunset, the show began - I certainly saw SOMETHING in those hills
the next morning #kevsTexasswimmingHoletour began

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