Sunday, May 3, 2015

Edgemont Little Free Library

ever since I made this video in summer of 2013, I've wanted to make a Little Free Library for Edgemont. 
this year I got off my keister and constructed one with the parameters that it had to have a skateboard ramp theme and I couldn't spend a cent on it. All the materials were found or I had on hand at the house.

working on the roof with Jesse and Chris - the doors took a lot of effort

painted and almost ready to mount

Jesse was instrumental in many aspects of the library's completion - diggin the post holes

my disc golf bud, John, lent us a sander & sharpened his axe.

it became self aware on April 10th 2015 - 30 minutes after posting this pic
Rose & Teagen were our first contributors - these two love LFL's
a close up of the skate stickers that adorn the simulated spine ramp of a roof
 In addition to the library, we included space for a permanent freebox - as I like to say, an extension of the travelingfreebox. Also one side has a community bulletin board while the south side exhibits a poetry post !
soon after it went up, the Open Heart Sangha was over for a potluck and took a look

apr 10th, I submitted my registration to be included on the world map on the LFL site
While visiting friends in Santa Cruz, I got the notification that we were officially on the map! So now it was time to plan the grand opening festivities - I drew up a flyer and waited....

May 2nd. the day of the big party & all my preparations were made !

just like on opening day, Teagan & Rose were the first to arrive

Harriet from up the street took notice of the flyer I taped to her door & brought a few books down

this princess stopped for a sec to say hello and wish us well

Alex and her two pups swung by to greet us.

Alex lives a few houses up and has been taking lots of our freebies
 Drew Garner from across the street was the last to arrive and he was stoked on the Guayaki !

the photo recap

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