Sunday, May 31, 2015

interrupt this program....

Phase one is complete. 5days on the road. 258miles. Now I'm chilling in Lincoln til June 18th when we go to Des Moines for the #stayFlared demo.

June 5th Steve met me in Beatrice and we rode all the way into Lincoln.

June 4th Pony Express memorial on the way into Hanover.

June 3rd Green Community Center for the night

June 2nd - cows love bicycles and they love it when I sing Juke Box Hero to them
 I'm currently at the library in Enterprise, KS. Carry Nation busted up the bar here in 1901. I'm soon check out the local swimming pool, then go through Detroit, KS, then cross over I-70 and find somewhere to sleep.

june 1st - made it 56 miles to Marion Reservoir on day #1

We'll have to wait till mid July to hear about all the fine swimming holes in Texas.

In the morning......June 1st.... I shove off on my bicycle. First major stop is Lincoln to see Steve & the Burchers. Then Steve & I hope to ride to Columbus to hang with my nephew Patrick. Then drive to #stayFlared in Des Moines. Then I board a train to Denver and link up with the final #stayFlared demo at the NorthGlenn Skatepark on June 20th. Then I'll bum around Denver & Ft. Collins for a week or so. Then the real ride begins back to the van in Wichita....

 at this point I'm not sure if I'll begin the ride back to the van in Ft. Collins or Denver   your thoughts?

my plan is to post at least one pic a day....depending on internet accessibility. I also plan to camp in the rough on the journey while I'm cycling - hopefully I won't crack and get a hotel along the way.
check back to this entry every couple of days for updates.

check the hashtag #stayFlaredORbust for instagram photos
this will be the mightiest journey I've ever attempted on the bicycle and I have plenty of inspiration when I think off all the radical cyclists I've met on my van travels.

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