Friday, May 8, 2015


I bopped up the coast to Santa Cruz in mid April to visit former Edgemonter, Justin Beebe, who is recovering from severe injuries sustained when a car hit him in Albany, NY, in November.

1st stop was the Long Beach Zine Fest

didn't expect to see Ari there. she traded me her zine for a dillo

didn't expect to see Carolina there

didn't expect to see Matt there
made the scene at Eric G's ramp jam and BBQ near USC

the next morning I was soaking with Leland at Remington
watermelon break later in the afternoon
napped away the heat of the day

the next morning I did dawn patrol and had the pools to myself

that night I pushed closer to SC and slept at the gates of state park

arrived that morning for a visit with Justin and Sadie!

skated with Greg Harbour & stoked him out with a dillo
this is Bill the rancher - I met him 2 days prior @ Remington & paid him a visit at his pad in SC
Justin & I took a tour of the NHS offices & museum

so much radical skateboard history

I never expected to see a classic Powell&Peralta pic in the NHS warehouse

I believe Justin got a kick out of seeing Greg skate the main Santa Cruz park
TICE outside YAN FLOWER - cheapes spot in Santa Cruz for lunch
former Edgemonter, now firefighter, Eric McCown rolled off his shift in Salinas to join us

our waitress snuck up to swipe a fortune cookie
met up with Greg at the BroPrints Friday afternoon bbq
I had to get in some Kerry time, so I drove over the hill to SJ to see him

next morning we landed outside 1234GO records in Oakland
 where Kerry's pal Chris bought the entire menu at Hella Vegan Eats. He'd been in the line since 3am and was plenty hungry.
he let me have the BIRTHDAY BURGER that utilizes pancakes as the bun!

straightedge homie Daniel from SD was stoked on his RECORD STORE DAY purchases
Kerry feels the love from Bear & Daniel while paying a visit to Patricia's new pad

later that night, Kerry takes on some war paint administered by the birthday girl, Sid from SD
I ask him to film a wallride of me, & I end up with a selfie of him
we found the foundation spot ! - skate vid from the trip HERE
went to sleep here near Gaviota State Beach

sunrise - was hoping for a train shot, but it didn't materialize
was hoping to soak at the OJAI hot springs, but was denied access

so I took a hobo bath here in the up Ventura River
pumped to see the "scissor cuts marks" on the Matilija Dam from the film DAMnation

then made my way to Skate Lab to do more magazine archiving with Todd
Chilled with my aunt and uncle and bounced back to San Diego in time for the baby shower at the house.

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