Sunday, April 13, 2014


heading out to the sticks....SE AZ
blazed through the town Tombstone
Mule Pass tunnel before entering Bisbee
entering Bisbee

a quaint old mining town

I found the town freestore
the vegan coffee shop was closing up right when I arrived
some words of wisdom near the free store
went to the archive room to look at old town photos

then took a look at the mining museum
struck out with a local glass of root beer - thumbs down

a gift shop had their entire storefront covered in bottle calps

classic soda flavors

the mighty hole in the ground from years of copper mining

classy old sign from the 1940's
found the local food coop

they took the time to make me a tempeh sando

on the way out of town, I toured the Shady Dell - would totally stop here with a girlfriend

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