Thursday, April 17, 2014


woke up to a cold morning but a clear sky in the desert
I parked at the historical marker for where Geronimo was captured
1st time through White Sands National Monument
ever hear that Eisenhower met with ET's at this AFB in '53?
pistachios are my favorite nut and this is the biggest one on the planet

lots of flavored pistachios...garlic was pretty good

had never seen a pistachio tree before this day / 1% of US production is grown in NM
something fishy going on en route to Roswell. fuzz redirected us
closed on WED's

Brodie is related to Billy the Kid

cool mosaic

would you believe that Disco Taco is closed on WED too?

driving towards Roswell from the west you get an idea of the terrain in which the crash occurred
most of Roswell was just cheesy tshirt shops

but the UFO museum & research center was informative

I spent the night in Roswell and nothing unusual happened. I didn't really expect anything to happen. ahead of me was a long drive to Dodge City....

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  1. cool blog. I've basically been doing the same thing (sans blog) since may of 2012 in a 2002 Sprinter. Camping, hiking, skating, just seeing whats out there. Picking up a few spots to hit next time i pass em from your old posts...