Saturday, April 12, 2014

out the Tucson way....

1st stop upon leaving Edgemont was to visit Rich & Billy @ Zawacki Farms
spent the night @ Holtville Hot Springs - soaked that night & at dawn

the night soak was better... mosquitos were in force as the sun came up
had some minor car trouble... cool wallpaper trim at the dodge dealer

scooted right down to Cathy's recommedation Tania's 33
met old pal Aaron Suski for some dinner
I started out with some cauliflower tacos

then ended on enchilada platter
met up with Cathy at a film festival she was promoting

Cathy and her co hostess introduce the movie / the Loft was a gorgeous single screen theater
5 points cafe - I had chia pudding!

some forecasting for Roswell

after breakfast Cathy casually asked if I'd like a donut

hell YEAH/ most everything is vegan

we both had the puffiest apple fritters I'd ever seen

Cathy found a dollar on the walk
unique mailbox in Cathy's hood

Cathy let me in on a little secret in her hood

candles were still burning from people's earlier visits
took a drive up "A" mountain for a view of the city

I can relate
the BE KIND theme was all over downtown Tucson

the instrument graveyard at CHICAGO MUSIC - drums for Emiko

forgot to take a pic at Food Conspiracy - check out these guitars
  • Cathy was meeting a pal for lunch so I walked back to the van and headed out toward Bisbee. Hope that thesis gets sorted out soon, Cathy. Wish I could have stayed longer.

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