Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skate the STATE - day 3

Steve does some retooling as Cory looks on
Nebraska skater and York resident, Eric Eckert, was out of town on a skate trip to COLORADO, but offered up his house for everyone. We awoke to a clear but highly windy day. A group of skaters from Lincoln including Cory, Lucas, Trey, and Jordan, had linked up the night before and they were planning on skating the remaining 51 miles into Lincoln with the main group. With even more heads in the mix, it took awhile to get moving.
I was stoked to see a kiddie pool rolling down the street in the wind.

Publicity stunt for the local newspaper
51 long and windy miles to some hills!

Steve and Dave Nelson head out on the 1st leg - Jordan films
Cory and his fresh legs made good time

Steve heads out on another leg in the wind.
Arty shot of the day....Phil pulls for a pit stop.

Steve and Andrew at a pit stop in a farmer's front yard.
Back into the wind...fresh off a break.
Supporters started showing up 20 miles outside of town

Steve breaks into the CITY LIMIT.
Loads of Lincoln skaters and supports showed up at the Capitol to welcome them HOME.

Closing statement on the steps of the Capitol.
And so wraps up my three days on SKATE THE STATE.....
Mike Smith gets huge props for making it all happen. And thanks to all who lent a hand along the way!

article from skatehive.

steve's video from his perspective

some of steve's photos

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