Friday, October 14, 2011

Skate the STATE - day 2

We awoke in GRAND ISLAND to chilly and rainy morning. I slept good in the van, but the road warriors.....well I can't speak for them.... Few were up when I ventured into the house. Slowly breakfast was ingested and we made our way to the outskirts of town...
Steve was my only passenger... Poncho on and somewhat ready....
Phil and Steve... pancho brothers.

take off in the rain... leg 1 begins. 4 more to go before York.
Crossing the Platte River, the swallows were swarming.
Phil was pissed early on... already getting the double BIRD.
Steve loved getting choice roadkill shots
This was the only POLICE interference that I saw and he let us be after our explanation.

This qualifies as my arty shot for the day.
this is where the land began to toss in some hills
before noon the sun was out and the ponchos were off
Steve looking grizzly at a mid day rest stop

steve and I sessioned the curb in the background.
Steve joins HK on a NIGHT RANGER tune!
 This is a rare shot of HK in the sticks.... small town NEBRASKA.....side of the road.....a little collaboration is always nice....p:
small town / BIG SILO curb skating....

Phil was so frazzled from a long day that we went straight to the brewsky.

Ended the night at one of few restaurants in YORK, NE.
 Not much on the menu for a vegan... steve wasn't a happy camper either.... I broke down and bought a container of hummus at the grocery store...
The thought on everyone's mind.... "Will we make Lincoln tomorrow night?"

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