Sunday, October 16, 2011

Land of Lincoln

As Steve nursed his blisters after the monumental 440 mile skate across the state of Nebraska, we took to touring Lincoln by bicycle. First stop was Yai Yai's Pizza where Steve has worked for many years.

Vegan slices of Steve's creation.

Art at the local screen printing biz. all toys I used to play with as a kid.
Steve on the morning radio recapping Skate the State
Same guy that Steve works for owns Oso Burrito too!

Avo/cheesie melt wrap at Maggie's VEG
We rode out south of the city in search of.....
full pipes.....
let's take a closer look... not gonna be dry this week.

Steve made a full pie that we split one night.
Phil Burcher....owner of Precision Skate Shop and Skate the STATER had us over for dinner one night. Actually it was more his wonderful wife, Tara, who did the cooking and entertaining. We got a tour of the garden and she and the kids took a look through the FREE BOX. Phil got home from work and we skated the ramp for a bit, then sat down to a marvelous meal.
Everyone found something they could use.

Phil 5.0 grinds the ramp he made last year when he turned 50.

Chalk up another outstanding homecooked meal. Thanks TARA!

one of two identical cats that live with the BURCHER's
Temperatures started to rise over the next few days. Steve kept showing me around town as he still had a few recuperating days off work.  Steve's blister was still bad, but I did sneak in a brief skate break at one of the local Lincoln skateparks
Was psyched on the Freakbeat name, but walked in, and walked right back out.

We sat with Tara at her shop where Steve had an photo show
Open Harvest is where I did my shopping. GOOD DEL
Phil plays drums in the Evil Weiners!

Lincoln Farmer's Market
View of Lincoln from the State Capitol
 I felt privileged to have Steve as my tour guide. He's lived here for years and has the town dialed. Everyone knows him and we'd get stopped routinely on the streets as most everyone wanted to know how SKATE THE STATE went. As a result I was able to meet all sorts of local Lincoln personalities. It did make me miss my close connections in San Diego........
next up  - PECHA KUCHA, then trips to Omaha and Des Moines.....

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