Wednesday, October 19, 2011


steve preps the ditch for shred time
We got back into town with only a few days to plan Steve's 4th annual Ditch Jam. Word spread like wildfire even though there was no official flyer. Sunday rolled around and it was on.... We cleaned the ditch that morning and came back in the afternoon and the kids kept coming out. The water gap saw the most action.

Up high view of the main stage

I feel this captures the chaos. board in water, photos, skating.

Matthew Ratliff got MVP of the day in my book. fs smith
Matthew Ratliff nosegrinds......

Yes it can be dangerous......

Matthew with the trick of the day. FS Bluntslide
SKATE HIVE coverage

Lincoln was great, but the last few nights there in the van were pretty stifling....I was super stoked to have spent so much time with Steve. But the day after the JAM, I hit the road, bound for COLORADO.........

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