Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The farthest EAST

Heath, Jerry, and Leo were set to do a demo at Heath's shop SUBSECT in Des Moines. Hey, why not go check it out?  Des Moines ended up being the farthest to the EAST that I ventured on this year's journey.

the flyer was pretty funny
The bicycle shop next door would let you take a bike for a spin!
Grabbed a sandwich at Ritual Cafe....
A few days later we drove into OMAHA for a mini ramp contest. Steve was one of the judges. Phil was the MC.

5ft tall 16ft wide....the competition.
 Omaha legend, Donny Diederich, competed. Growing up in Kansas, I'd heard of Donny. If memory serves me right, he had tricks in the first FOUNDATION video, 'Glam Boys on Wheels'. I know he was on Foundation at that time.

The other Omaha legend, Jeff Chase, took home the money on this day. I had a handful of clips to use for Jeff, here's another...   Jeff is master ramp builder and the driving force behind THE DONUTHILL PROJECT. This ramp was on my list of MUST SKATE and Donny was kind enough to take us over for a quick session after the contest.

Steve gets the elusive 5050 over the gap, while I skate the spine for a bit.

Cut out for lunch at McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe.
fruit shake with gingko or was it blue green algae...
as a side note..... on the ride out to Des Moines, the freeway was shut down for a few hours due to a bad accident. As a result, HK performed it's first show on Interstate 80.
HK rocking I-80-----thanks to steve for the photo.

next up....ditch jam!

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