Monday, May 16, 2011


GREEN - excellent all vegan spot in Scottsdale!
Can you see the lovely lady in the window reflection? She was kind enough to give me a hot tip on what to order. I've been here before so I know all about the TSOY-nami's, but wasn't sure what to order off the normal menu.  This gal suggested the Thai noodle dish with extra veggies! I'm a sucker for a noodle dish! I always have to get to GREEN when in PHX. I visited a few shops and actually saw TRENT one more time at the COWTOWN - tempe location.  Then I met up with my long lost pal, MEG WATJEN!

Meg and her carrot.
Many years ago in Seattle, Brodie was excited to introduce me to his friend, Meg! We all hung out and went to see the JIM ROSE circus side show at her club, the Velvet Elvis. MEG is one of a handful of RADICAL women in my life. {editor's note [Laura Martin is another one.]} Strong, assertive, unique, and often wearing short hair, she worked in the music industry in Seattle for a few years....  any guesses who she worked for??   anyone?    yes, you are correct...SUBPOP.
To this day I can't thank her enough for turning me onto AT THE DRIVE IN. Not sure what year that was, but that same year I got to see ATDI play live a handful of times in southern california. Each performance got better and better. I don't know about you, but I don't get many solid tips that I really connect with and enjoy for long periods of time. So Meg... I thank you again for such a touching introduction.

Meg moved to the east coast for a bit and before I knew it, she was married to a legendary skateboard personality from Seattle. The lucky fella's name is Chris Lundry, but most skateboarders simply know him as Wez - the man behind POOL DUST zine and more recently the zine review section in Thrasher. The lovely couple has settled in Tempe and I do my best to visit them whenever I'm in town. And sometimes I get lucky and see them in San Diego!

I met Meg at their new home and got the tour. Saw the garden and ate a carrot fresh out of the dirt, got the story on the pool... Couldn't swim this time, but next time, it's a cannonball challenge as it's only six feet deep. We took the cover off Wez' convertible and cruised over to Udupi.
My first ever Dosai!
I've eaten my share of Indian cuisine before, but Udupi offers a long list of Dosai. We got 2 varieties and they went down quickly...3 dipping sauces to choose from.... Think of a crispy extra wide pancake with veggies inside then folded over...!

Meg & Wez with the Traveling Free Box
After dinner we got back to the house and Wez was home from work. They both took and gave to the BOX. Wez' donation was sweet...a condensed towel with a skateboard on it.... I drove out to the TEMPE skatepark for a few turns and saw Mango and Jonathan Pierce from the BOYISH dvd tearing it up. Slept in the parking lot and woke up and skated some more with a contingent of old dogs like myself. I'm half way used to skating by myself at 7am, but it sure was refreshing to skate with some other guys that early!

next stop TUCSON.........


  1. Cool stories kevin! Glad youre on your way and having some memorable adventures. Did you like the dosa? If so, have you been to Madras on black mountain rd/ Miramar rd. Pretty good for SD but the best are at udipi palace in Artesia on way to LA.
    Let me know if you travel near STL - I got some rec's for you.

    Alrighty, happy travels my good man!

  2. Thanks Kev, as always great to see you! my brand new protective rock is keeping the kitchen safe! please give our love to Brodie and Bianca!

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