Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm kicking myself that I didn't get any pictures of my first stop in TUCSON.....what a great name for a co op!

I filled my 5 gallon bottle and had a sandwich and sat out on the sidewalk  - half in the van, half on their table enjoying the view.... all sorts of weirdo's kept walking in and out of the Food Conspiracy. It didn't take being in Tucson more than 10 minutes before I came to the conclusion that TUCSON is my kind of town. After soaking in the local culture I motored over to STARR SKATES.
SUSKI rides for Starr!
I've talked to SAM at Starr on the phone for years and today was the first time we met face to face.... Traded some dvds and got the word on some skate spots.
Tucson's Santa Rita Skatepark
I'd just missed a session with Kevin Staab and Tony Hawk at this park by a day. Apparently the HAWK FOUNDATION had given money to help fund the new BIG BOWL at the park and Tony and his crew came out for a demo.  I steered clear of the biggest bowl but had fun in all the other elements the park had to offer.

           A Tasteful Kitchen prepared me an epic 4 course RAW meal.
ROUND 1 - Sushi
ROUND 2 - pesto pasta & tomato pasta
Seigret the chef brings out ROUND 3 - lasagna
Round 4 - desert - strawberry shortcake
As I ate the desert, I got the text to meet SAM at a private backyard pool.
There is a spined mini ramp as well as this bowl tucked away in Tucson!
Thanks for having me out, SAM.

I slept in van outside this house and was up bright and early on the search for more spots...

the bike path vigilante tranny spot
It was 7am when I located this rugged spot. Dan Drehobl is a maniac. He pivoted to fakie the top and I couldn't muster a rock n roll. 

I'd seen epic photos of the airplane graveyards outside Tucson and went in search of them.
aiplane graveyard
It didn't take long to realize that all the amazing photos I'd seen of the graveyards were aerial views. There were no high vantage points to take pics from the van so this is the best I could muster. Miles upon miles of decommissioned airplanes out on the desert representing BILLIONS of our tax dollars......

next stop - the tree of life!!!!

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