Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Tree of Life

I told people I was heading to Patagonia and they freaked out.....  "I thought you were staying in the country this year?", they said.  Like most folks they didn't realize that deep in the south of Arizona is the small town of Patagonia, home of Gabriel Cousins' Tree of Life. It's a rejuvenation center that centers on healing through a vegan RAW foods diet, low in natural sugars.
the sign that greets you
I arrived in the morning and found my way up the hill to the cafe area. It was in between meals so I took a self guided walking tour.
1st stop: the sprout house
They grow all their sprouts and wheatgrass on site in greenhouses. Sunflower sprouts are my favorite!
wheel of life?
The grounds are sparse but do have a few unique features. This spot, a meditation temple, an IR sauna, 2 salt water jacuzzi's, solar arrays, and nude his and her sundecks.

take the plunge garden
This gorgeous garden had a small pool that could be filled and used for cleansing ceremonies.

the LUNCH line
I was so thrilled with lunch. RAW pasta and meatballs was the specialty and then all you can eat sprouts, salad, and coleslaw. And two types of lemonade. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Attendees were from all walks of life and all parts of the country.
the salad dressings were heavenly
I spent most of my afternoon in the INFRARED sauna, then would switch up to the jacuzzi, then back to the sauna. I wasn't sure if I would stay for dinner, but after several people insisted, I went with the flow and stayed for another next level meal. More soaking after dinner and I was treated to an out of this world sunset from the tub!
the free box interrupts Pictionary
Several of the cooks from the cafe enjoyed the FREE BOX.
Gina on the left gave me my first HUG for the box.
The next morning I was up early as per my usual and was out working on the computer at a table near the cafe... To my surprise I thought a small dog was approaching...

a lone javelina
Nope it was javelina, a native desert pig. Not as large as a boar, but close. He came right up to me looking for a handout and with in a few minutes there were close to 20 of them snorting about. I had a RAMBO moment from FIRST BLOOD, but no javelina's were harmed...
how cute is this......?

next stop TOMBSTONE, AZ.

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  1. Holy cow the javelina is way cool. the raw pasta looks really good. we used to do raw dinner/potlucks with wesley at the illinois st house for a spell. my raw pasta didn't look that appetizing.